How to make pizza at home that is more delicious than takeout

Pizza is one food that definitely appeals to different types of people, regardless of what their favorite cuisine is; it is also a safe option when organizing a get-together at your place. But people always have the notion that for them to have delicious pizza, they should always rely on ordering them online. The truth is there is also the option to make pizza at home without exerting too much effort and spending too much time on it. You just have to keep in mind that there are several elements that you should take into consideration when making pizza in your own home – some of these elements are the pizza crust, sauce, and of course the toppings.

make pizza at home


The crust is an important element of your pizza because this serves as the base for everything else, so it is important to have a delicious crust right off the bat. One route that you can take for the pizza crust is to make your own and you can find various recipes online for it; otherwise you also have the option to use alternatives for the crust such as pita bread, pre-baked crusts, and even store-bought dough.


This is something that you should not worry too much about because there are a lot of delicious marinara sauces that have been pre-made and are available online. In addition to this, one can also choose from various types and not just marinara sauces; there are also olive oils, garlic sauces, white sauces, and pesto sauces that can be perfect for the type of pizza you want to make from scratch.


There’s actually no rule as to what needs to go on a pizza as a topping because this will greatly depend on your preference, or your guests’ preference if you are planning to serve it for other people. Of course, there are the usual toppings such as mushroom, ham, cheese, and pepperoni, but you are also free to add unique toppings that are not too common as well. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with adding refreshing pizza toppings like walnuts, apples, pineapple, peas, corn, and even prosciutto. Toppings may also be dependent on the theme of the gathering; for instance, if a birthday party has a Mexican theme, you may play around with the idea of having a taco pizza that will be perfect for the event.

Layering ingredients

Layering the ingredients of a pizza correctly can definitely make a break a good pizza because the different toppings can react to the oven’s heat in different ways. For instance, if you place the cheese at the bottom and the other ingredients on top, the cheese will not be melted and the other ingredients will just come out burnt.

Perfect cheese

Another crucial element that should be taken into consideration is the cheese that you will be using for your homemade pizza. To be honest, there is not right and wrong option when it comes to cheese because whether it is parmesan, cheddar, or mozzarella, the pizza will definitely come out great. The only thing you should be mindful of is the fact that there are some types of cheese that are very high in moisture, for instance mozzarella is a type of cheese that gives off a lot of moisture so …

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